ITcon papers tagged with: building

2021 Thing Leo G, Mebarki A, Claude F, Gobin C, El Meouche R
On the quality of buildings and construction projects: metrics and process dynamics
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 174-192,
2020 Bassier M, Yousefzadeh M, Vergauwen M
Comparison of 2D and 3D wall reconstruction algorithms from point cloud data for as-built BIM
ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 173-192,
2012 Hanne Grindvoll, Ovidiu Vermesan, Tracey Crosbie, Roy Bahr, Nashwan Dawood, Gian Marco Revel
A wireless sensor network for intelligent building energy management based on multi communication standards – a case study
ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 43-62,
2008 Salatian A, Taylor B
ABSTRACTOR: An agglomerative approach to interpreting building monitoring data
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 193-211,
2005 Khosrowshahi F and Howes R
A framework for strategic decision-making based on a hybrid decision support tools
ITcon Vol. 10, pg. 111-124,