New special issue announced

New ITcon special issue "Construction 5.0" announced.

In recent years, the rapid evolution of Industry 5.0 technologies has accelerated the digital transformation of many industries, including construction. Construction professionals and academics have been applying digital and robotic technologies to address various challenges. Construction 5.0 technologies offer new perspectives to analyse and empower theoretical techniques, aiming to improve construction productivity. However, the theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence for productivity improvement need further reinforcement.

Topics of Interest Include, but Are Not Limited To:

  • Building information modelling
  • Digital twins
  • Reality capture
  • Extended virtual/augmented/mixed reality
  • Computer vision
  • Internet of things
  • Wearable sensors
  • Big data
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cloud computing
  • Robotics
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Offsite construction
  • Unmanned aerial and ground vehicles
  • Other topics related to Construction 5.0 (e.g., human-centred engineering, sustainable construction, resilient construction, circular design/production, social aspects of Construction 5.0)

Guest Editors and Contact Information:

  • Yang Zou, University of Auckland,
  • Mostafa Babaeian Jelodar, Massey University,
  • Zhenan Feng, Massey University,
  • Brian H.W. Guo, University of Canterbury,

Important dates:

  • Deadline for full papers: November 30, 2024

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Recently published papers

May 2024 Toyin J O, Azhar S, Sattineni A, Fasoyinu A A
Influence of Information and Communication Technology Application in Construction Jobsites: A Systematic Review and Bibliometric Analysis
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 444-479, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.021
May 2024 Yusuf A, Akanmu A, Afolabi A, Ball S, Murzi H, Ofori-Boadu A
Instructor-practitioner collaborations via a web platform – design and practitioners' intention-to-use
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 424-443, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.020
May 2024 Matos B C, Cruz C O, Branc F B
Digitalization and procurement in construction projects: An integrated BIM-based approach
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 400-423, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.019
May 2024 Rostamiasl V, Jrade A
A cloud-based integration of Building Information Modeling and Virtual Reality through game engine to facilitate the design of Age-in-Place homes at the conceptual stage
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 377-399, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.018
April 2024 Doe R, Kaur K, Selway M, Stumptner M
Ecosystem interoperability for the architecture, engineering, construction & operations (AECO) sector
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 347-376, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.017
April 2024 Ensafi M, Thabet W, Gao X
Work order prioritization using neural networks to improve building operation
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 324-346, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.016
April 2024 Mohamed H-A, Hashim N, Yusuwan N M, Hanafiah M H, Shamsuddin S M
Assessing cost and benefit attributes of Building Information Modelling (BIM) implementation in Malaysian public agency: PLS-SEM approach
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 308-323, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.015
April 2024 Oliveira A, Granja J, Bolpagni M, Motamedi A, Azenha M
Development of standard-based information requirements for the facility management of a canteen
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 281-307, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.014
April 2024 Tian C, Chen Y, Zhang J, Feng Y
Integrating Domain Knowledge with Deep Learning Model for Automated Worker Activity Classification in mobile work zone
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 264-280, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.013
April 2024 Seyis S, Özkan S
Analyzing the added value of common data environments for organizational and project performance of BIM-based projects
ITcon Vol. 29, pg. 247-263, doi: 10.36680/j.itcon.2024.012