ITcon papers authored by: Liu

2019 Liu F, Anumba CJ, Jallow AK, Carrillo P
Integrated change and knowledge management system - development and evaluation
ITcon Vol. 24, pg. 112-128,
2016 Palomera-Arias R, Liu R
BIM laboratory exercises for a MEP systems course in a construction science and management program
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 188-203,
2015 Liu Y, Huang Y, Stouffs R
Using a data-driven approach to support the design of energy-efficient buildings
ITcon Vol. 20, pg. 80-96,
2014 Liu R, Du J, Issa RRA
Cloud-based deep immersive game for human egress data collection: a framework
ITcon Vol. 19, pg. 336-349,
2013 Chen Ya-Hsin, Tsai Meng-Han, Kang Shih-Chung, Liu Chin-Wei
Selection and evaluation of color scheme for 4D construction models
ITcon Vol. 18, pg. 1-19,
2008 Tsai M-H, Liu L, Peña-Mora F, Arboleda C
A preliminary design of disaster-survivable building blackbox system for urban disaster response
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 179-192,
2007 Chan E H V and Liu C
Corporate portals as extranet support for the construction industry in Hong Kong and nearby regions of China
ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 181-192,