ITcon Vol. 27, pg. 884-913,

Artificial intelligence in construction asset management: a review of present status, challenges and future opportunities

submitted:June 2022
revised:July 2022
published:October 2022
editor(s):Kumar B
authors:Luca Rampini, Ph.D. Candidate,
Politecnico di Milano;

Fulvio Re Cecconi, Associate Professor,
Politecnico di Milano;
summary:The built environment is responsible for roughly 40% of global greenhouse emissions, making the sector a crucial factor for climate change and sustainability. Meanwhile, other sectors (like manufacturing) adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve complex, non-linear problems to reduce waste, inefficiency, and pollution. Therefore, many research efforts in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction community have recently tried introducing AI into building asset management (AM) processes. Since AM encompasses a broad set of disciplines, an overview of several AI applications, current research gaps, and trends is needed. In this context, this study conducted the first state-of-the-art research on AI for building asset management. A total of 578 papers were analyzed with bibliometric tools to identify prominent institutions, topics, and journals. The quantitative analysis helped determine the most researched areas of AM and which AI techniques are applied. The areas were furtherly investigated by reading in-depth the 83 most relevant studies selected by screening the articles’ abstracts identified in the bibliometric analysis. The results reveal many applications for Energy Management, Condition assessment, Risk management, and Project management areas. Finally, the literature review identified three main trends that can be a reference point for future studies made by practitioners or researchers: Digital Twin, Generative Adversarial Networks (with synthetic images) for data augmentation, and Deep Reinforcement Learning.
keywords:Asset Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Network, Computer Vision
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citation:Rampini L, Cecconi F R (2022). Artificial intelligence in construction asset management: a review of present status, challenges and future opportunities, ITcon Vol. 27, pg. 884-913,