ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 545-560,

Identifying roadside objects in mobile laser scanning data using image-based point cloud segmentation

submitted:December 2019
revised:November 2020
published:December 2020
editor(s):Hung-Lin Chi & Francis Siu
authors:Gustaf Uggla,
KTH Royal Institute of Technology;

Milan Horemuz, PhD,
KTH Royal Institute of Technology;
summary:Capturing geographic information from a mobile platform, a method known as mobile mapping, is today one of the best methods for rapid and safe data acquisition along roads and railroads. The digitalization of society and the use of information technology in the construction industry is increasing the need for structured geometric and semantic information about the built environment. This puts an emphasis on automatic object identification in data such as point clouds. Most point clouds are accompanied by RGB images, and a recent literature review showed that these are possibly underutilized for object identification. This article presents a method (image-based point cloud segmentations – IBPCS) where semantic segmentation of images is used to filter point clouds, which drastically reduces the number of points that have to be considered in object identification and allows simpler algorithms to be used. An example implementation where IBPCS is used to identify roadside game fences along a country road is provided, and the accuracy and efficiency of the method is compared to the performance of PointNet, which is a neural network designed for end-to-end point cloud classification and segmentation. The results show that our implementation of IBPCS outperforms PointNet for the given task. The strengths of IBPCS are the ability to filter point clouds based on visual appearance and that it efficiently can process large data sets. This makes the method a suitable candidate for object identification along rural roads and railroads, where the objects of interest are scattered over long distances.
keywords:Object identification, Point clouds, Mobile mapping, Laser scanning, Deep learning
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citation:Uggla G, Horemuz M (2020). Identifying roadside objects in mobile laser scanning data using image-based point cloud segmentation, ITcon Vol. 25, Special issue CIB World Building Congress 2019: Information technology of smart city development, pg. 545-560,