ITcon papers authored by: Kazi

2009 Kazi A S, Aouad G, Baldwin A
Editorial - Next generation construction IT: technology foresight, future studies, roadmapping and scenario planning
ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 123-128,
2009 Böhms M, Bonsma P, Bourdeau M, Kazi A S
Semantic product modelling and configuration: challenges and opportunities
ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 507-525,
2009 Erdogan B, Abbott C, Aouad G, Kazi A S
Construction IT in 2030: a scenario planning approach
ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 540-555,
2003 Kazi A and Charoenngam C
Facilitating inter-enterprise information exchange in one-of-a-kind settings
ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 319-340,
2002 Kazi S, Hannus M
Editorial: ICT for Knowledge Management in Construction (special issue)
ITcon Vol. 7, pg. 57-61,
2001 Wilson I, Harvey S, Vankeisbelck R and Kazi A S
Enabling the construction virtual enterprise: the OSMOS approach
ITcon Vol. 6, pg. 83-110,
2001 Kazi A S, Hannus M, Laitinen J and Nummelin O
Distributed engineering in construction: findings from the IMS GLOBEMEN project
ITcon Vol. 6, pg. 129-148,