ITcon Volume 3 (1998)

1 Fischinger M, Turk Z, Cerovsek T
EASY: A hypermedia learning tool
ITcon Vol. 3, pg. 1-10,
2 Yacine Rezgui Grahame Cooper
A Proposed Open Infrastructure for Construction Project Document Sharing
ITcon Vol. 3, pg. 11-25,
3 Farhi Marir Ghassan Aouad Grahame Cooper
OSCONCAD: A model-based CAD System integrated with computer applications
ITcon Vol. 3, pg. 26-46,
4 Rob Howard Arto Kiviniemi Olle Samuelson
Surveys of IT in the Construction Industry and Experience of the IT Barometer in Scandinavia
ITcon Vol. 3, pg. 47-59,