ITcon Vol. 28, pg. 597-621,

Construction management in space: explore solution space of optimal schedule and cost estimate

submitted:April 2023
revised:August 2023
published:September 2023
editor(s):Chansik Park, Nashwan Dawood, Farzad Pour Rahimian, Akeem Pedro
authors:Marcel Nagatoishi, Engineer of Sustainable Design and Construction,
Obayashi Corporation

Renate Fruchter, Professor,
Stanford University
summary:Multi-planetary life is one of humanity's audacious dreams. A key challenge towards achieving such a space mission is the design and construction of space habitats, for instance, on Mars. This paper presents a virtual space construction decision framework (SCDF) prototype developed and tested to address the question: "How can space construction project partners make informed decisions and leverage new construction methods and cutting-edge technologies that are developed and transform the AEC terrestrial industry?" We consider six practical and theoretical points of departure reflecting knowledge and technology and their application towards developing SCDF: General Contractor Workflow; BIM; Generative Scheduling and Construction Schedule Optimization; Construction Robotics; 3D Printing; Virtual Reality (VR) and Visualization. SCDF development applied virtual design and construction (VDC) to model - simulate - optimize - visualize - validate a space construction project by exploring the solution space in the context of extra-terrestrial construction environments from concept design to construction completion in the virtual environment before any mission is launched. Results confirm that insights from terrestrial construction apply to extra-terrestrial construction and vice versa. These insights contribute to the six points of departure at three levels: 1. The SCDF; 2. Extensions to existing technology platforms; 3. New approaches and methods.
keywords:BIM, Virtual Reality (VR) and Visualization, Generative Scheduling, Construction Robotics, 3DPrinting, VDC, Space Construction
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citation:Nagatoishi M, Fruchter R (2023). Construction management in space: explore solution space of optimal schedule and cost estimate, ITcon Vol. 28, Special issue The future of construction in the context of digital transformation (CONVR 2022), pg. 597-621,