ITcon Vol. 27, pg. 191-222,

Update approaches and methods for digital building models – literature review

submitted:January 2021
revised:January 2022
published:February 2022
editor(s):Obonyo E
authors:René Hellmuth, M.Sc.
Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO
summary:A combination of systematic and bibliometric literature review is applied. For bibliometric analysis a citation network analysis, keyword cluster analysis, burst detection analysis and the total citation score are evaluated. So far, literature mainly deals with creation of digital building models. However, in the operational phase of a building, updating digital building models is essential in order to use the digital building models for applications like maintenance, facility management and conversion planning. In this paper approaches and methods to update digital building data are examined systematically to reflect the current state of scientific knowledge. This will identify and compare update approaches for digital building models. Nine interrelated research areas can be identified that deal with updating digital building information. Based on the body of knowledge on the topic "Updating of digital building models", research gaps and poorly represented research areas are identified. One gap in research is the use of photogrammetry to update individual buildings during their operational phase. In addition to strong research areas such as geoscience, which has produced update approaches over the years, areas like factory planning have been identified which hardly consider approaches to updating as-built data. Only the most important and largest research areas involved have been considered. A more detailed examination would be possible, but would go beyond the scope of this paper. This paper is the first to analyse updating approaches in a detailed, systematic, and bibliographic manner. The holistic view of the topic of updating approaches of digital building models helps to get an overview of existing approaches. Especially because in building operation up-to-date digital plan documents of the building are increasingly needed, this overview is necessary.
keywords:BIM (Building Information Modeling), Digital building model, Existing buildings, Laser scanning, Photogrammetry, Point cloud, Scan-to-BIM, Update, Updating
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citation:Hellmuth R (2022). Update approaches and methods for digital building models – literature review, ITcon Vol. 27, pg. 191-222,