ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 526-545,

Construction 4.0: what we know and where we are headed?

submitted:May 2021
revised:July 2021
published:July 2021
editor(s):Kirti Ruikar, Ketan Kotecha, Sayali Sandbhor, Albert Thomas
authors:Ankan Karmakar, Ph.D. Student,
Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay;

Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi, Assistant Professor,
Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay;
summary:The last decade has witnessed unprecedented changes in the technologies and processes involved in the construction industry. The philosophies associated with Industry 4.0 now reverberate in construction 4.0. Digitalization and interconnectivity in the cyber-physical systems of the sector are at the heart of such transformation. Construction 4.0 brings to the table a plethora of technologies and associated processes over the construction project lifecycle. The current study performs a state-of-art literature review to summarize the knowledge advancement in construction 4.0. A layered conceptualization spanning across project lifecycle utilizing the people-process-technology dimensions is presented to summarize the current understanding of Construction 4.0. The cyber-physical space is classified into the physical, digital tool, data, and core data security and interoperability layers. The inter-layer and intra-layer interactions and information flows are then conceptualized based on the extant literature, including the human interaction and interventions. The people-process-technology dimensions were discussed across the project lifecycle through interactions in these layers. It is observed that Construction 4.0 is set to be driven by data creation, data flow, data transformation, and data storage across the project lifecycle to ensure a collaborative environment across the stakeholders who interact and associate with different layers of Construction 4.0. The article finally presents challenges with the current formulations and explores ways to further our knowledge in the area.
keywords:Construction 4.0, People-process-technology framework, State-of-art frontiers in construction, Digitalization Technologies
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citation:Karmakar A, Delhi V S K (2021). Construction 4.0: what we know and where we are headed?, ITcon Vol. 26, Special issue Next Generation ICT - How distant is ubiquitous computing?, pg. 526-545,