ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 159-173,

Cybersecurity for digital twins in the built environment: current research and future directions

submitted:May 2020
revised:March 2021
published:April 2021
editor(s):Kumar B
authors:Kaznah Alshammari,
Cardiff University;

Thomas Beach, Dr.,
Cardiff University;

Yacine Rezgui, Professor,
Cardiff University;
summary:Recent technological developments in the construction industry are seeking to create smart cities by using Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs) to enhance information models such as BIM. Currently, BIM models are commonly adopted to work with IoT-based systems and embrace smart technologies that offer interoperability in the communication layer. In future, it is envisioned that digital twins will provide new possibilities for cyber-physical systems via monitoring and simulation. However, rarely in this rapidly developing field is security fully considered. This paper reviews the relevant literature regarding the use of the IoT in the built environment and analyses current practices. It also presents examples of cities that use the IoT to improve construction and the lived experience. Finally, it reviews how digital twins factor in multiple layers defined in CPSs, from physical objects to information models. Based on this review, recommendations are provided documenting how BIM specifications can be expanded to become IoT compliant, enhancing standards to support cybersecurity, and ensuring digital twin and city standards can be fully integrated in future secure smart cities.
keywords:BIM, IoT, digital twins, cybersecurity
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citation:Alshammari K, Beach T, Rezgui Y (2021). Cybersecurity for digital twins in the built environment: current research and future directions, ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 159-173,