ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 123-139,

Interpreted information exchange: implementation point of view

submitted:December 2017
revised:August 2018
published:February 2020
editor(s):Turk Ž.
authors:Issa J. Ramaji, Ph.D., P.E., D.B.I.A., Assistant Professor,
Director of Contruction Emerging Technology Lab,
Roger Williams University;

Ali M. Memari, Ph.D., P.E.,
Pennsylvania State University;
summary:Engineering design is one of the most in-demand Building Information Modelling (BIM) uses. Due to efforts required for modifying and preparing an imported model for analysis, the difficulty-to-benefit ratio is low in this BIM use. These preparations are more geared toward modifying an imported model based on the designer’s interpretation of the building information model and including additional engineering information. Automating the interpretation and model transformation process can significantly facilitate information exchanges. The Interpreted Information Exchange (IIE) concept is developed in this study for such automation during model exchanges. A platform is developed and presented in this paper for implementation of this concept. The platform contains procedures and functionalities required for inputting, processing, and exporting IFC information models through automated interpretation processes that implement IIE concept. The platform is especially formulated to be schema-independent to make it compatible with any standard or custom-defined version of IFC.
keywords:Building Information Modelling (BIM), Interpreted Information Exchange (IIE), Engineering Analysis, Model View Definition (MVD), Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
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citation:Ramaji I J, Memari A M (2020). Interpreted information exchange: implementation point of view, ITcon Vol. 25, pg. 123-139,