ITcon Vol. 22, pg. 104-131,

A 6-step systematic process for model-based facility data delivery

submitted:August 2016
revised:April 2017
published:July 2017
editor(s):Kumar B.
authors:Walid Thabet, Professor,
Virtual Facilities Research Lab, Department of Building Construction, Virginia Tech, USA;

Jason D. Lucas, Assistant Professor,
Department of Construction Science and Management, Clemson University, USA;
summary:The use of BIM for FM by owners is growing, yet there are challenges that exist because of the need for customized data standards to fit each owner’s need. This research examines the development of a model-based approach for capturing and handing over facility data. Previously completed research consists of a spread-sheet based documentation method for capturing identified facility-related information to support an owner’s operation and maintenance of educational facilities. An approach was developed and piloted to validate a process that utilized milestone information submissions for documenting appropriate information throughout the design and construction of a facility using a spreadsheet based approach with direct input into the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). Using a pilot project approach, this paper builds on the spreadsheet based approach by identifying how the facility information could be captured throughout the project using a model based approach. A six-step systematic process is defined for BIM-FM integration to capture facility data and integrate the information into a CMMS. Various challenges and considerations to capture and deliver facility data are discussed. The paper also discusses the need for further validation of the proposed process and summarises ongoing study to test the proposed approaches using a second pilot project.
keywords:facility management, BIM, data collection, information handover
full text: (PDF file, 2.101 MB)
citation:Thabet W, Lucas JD (2017). A 6-step systematic process for model-based facility data delivery, ITcon Vol. 22, pg. 104-131,