ITcon Vol. 19, pg. 225-247,

Integrated generative technique for interactive design of brickworks

published:August 2014
editor(s):Sidawi B, Hamza N
authors:Kereshmeh Afsari, PhD StudentGeorgia Institute of Technology, E. Swarts, Research Faculty Georgia Institute of Technologymatthew.swarts@coa.gatech.eduT. Russell Gentry, Associate Professor Georgia Institute of Technology
summary:Bricks have been used in the construction industry as a building medium for millennia. Distinct patterns of bricks depict the unique aesthetic intentions found in Roman, Gothic and Islamic architecture. In contemporary practice, the use of digital tools in design has enabled methodologies for creating new forms in architecture. CAD and BIM systems provide new opportunities for designers to create parametric objects for building form generation. In masonry design, there exists an inherent contradiction between traditional patterns in brick design, which are formal and prescribed, and the potential for new patterns generated using design scripting. In addition, current tools do not provide interactive techniques for the design of the brickwork patterns in a way that changes of the pattern can be managed parametrically while being mapped to the brick wall in real time. An interactive technique can help to inform and influence the design process, by providing constant feedback on the constructive aspects of the proposed brick pattern and its geometry. This research looks into the parametric techniques that can be applied to create different kinds of patterns on brick walls. It discusses a methodology for an interactive brickwork design within generative techniques. By integrating data between two computational platforms – the first based on image analysis and the second on parametric modeling, we demonstrate a methodology and application that can generate interactive arbitrary patterns and map it to the brick wall in real-time.
keywords:Brickwork, interactive design, generative design, brick patterns, UDP, Sketchpad
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citation:Afsari K, Swarts ME, Gentry TR (2014). Integrated generative technique for interactive design of brickworks, ITcon Vol. 19, pg. 225-247,