ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 300-307,

Using Prototyping to Teach digital fabrication techniques

revised:July 2012
published:September 2012
editor(s):Bhzad Sidawi and Neveen Hamza
authors:Timothy L Hemsath, AIA
College of Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; and
summary:The use of digital fabrication in the production and making of architecture is becoming a prevalentvehicle for the design process. As a result, there is a growing demand for computer-aided design (CAD) skills,computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) logic, parametric modelling and digital fabrication in student education.This paper will highlight a case study project that sought to ingrate computational prototyping with digitalfabrication techniques in the production of architecture. The goal is to use virtual and physical prototyping toeducate students in CAD, CAM, parametric modelling and digital fabrication. Rather than repeatingconventional approaches or recreating from precedent, iterative prototyping challenges students to understandthe CAD technique or parameters for modelling and translate intentions for CAM production. Students engagereal world constraints of materials, time and tectonics. In the end, these projects are critical of the digital andspeculate on the architectural detail in an age of digital ubiquity.
keywords:Digital Fabrication, CAD/.CAM, Prototyping
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citation:Timothy L Hemsath (2012). Using Prototyping to Teach digital fabrication techniques, ITcon Vol. 17, Special issue CAAD and innovation, pg. 300-307,