ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 369-390,

A survey of IT use by small and medium-sized construction companies in a city in Brazil

submitted:September 2010
revised:December 2010
published:December 2010
editor(s):Björk B-C
authors:Ariel O. Michaloski, Civil Engineering, Assistant Professor
Federal University of Technology of Paraná- Ponta Grossa, Brazil,

Ana Paula. Cabral Seixas Costa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Federal University of Pernambuco – Recife, Brazil,
summary:The potential contribution of information technology to improving the competitiveness of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the State of Parana has been recognized. However, fulfilling this potential has been problematic. In this context, this paper sets out to measure the capacity of Brazilian civil construction companies in the town of Ponta Grossa – Paraná to use IT. The methodological approach consists of a quantitative research study comprising a review of the literature and case studies. The theoretical foundation is based on concepts of competitive strategy, the management of knowledge, competitiveness, the alignment of IT and the value chain. Information on the companies studied was gathered which demonstrates how the factors mentioned in the literature all over the world are understood by the companies studied as being inhibiting. The results indicate what factors inhibit adopting IT and describe the practical experience of the civil construction industry in planning and control. Moreover, it was observed that, in general, the SMEs surveyed have a reasonable perception of the importance of IT for their organizations. The results presented illustrate the concepts presented in the review, as well as the influence of what has been learned as to how innovation has been developing and as to the role of IT. The study concludes by pointing the way forward as to the possibilities for further research on the issues tackled in this paper.
keywords:Information Technology, small and medium-sized construction companies, administrative management of building sites
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citation:Michaloski AO, Costa APCS (2010). A survey of IT use by small and medium-sized construction companies in a city in Brazil, ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 369-390,