ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 429-444,

ICT development strategies for industrialisation of the building sector

published:August 2009
editor(s):Kazi A S, Aouad G, Baldwin A
authors:A. Ekholm, Professor,
Lund University; and

M. Molnár, Assistant Professor,
Lund University; and
summary:The article presents the main results of a joint investigation by Swedish researchers and industry representatives carried out during 2006-2007 concerning the benefits of modern object based information and communication technology, ICT, for industrialisation of the building industry. The background for the investigation was an experience by both parties of a lack of coherence between scientific results and practical needs of ICT, in spite of substantial contributions and positive evaluations of both Swedish and international R&D-programs.In the manufacturing industry, ICT has proven to be a crucial factor in raising the industry’s efficiency and quality. Even though R&D-projects have shown how modern object based ICT can be used in building and facilities management, such tools are largely missing in the sector. The goal of the investigation was to answer the following research questions: •How can a joint understanding be created between researchers and practitioners as a basis for continued R&D-efforts? •What is the use of ICT like in a typical building project today? •How can modern ICT be introduced to support both today’s information flow, and create a foundation for development and increased effectiveness? The first research question was addressed by carrying out the investigation in cooperation between researchers and practitioners. The second question was answered by mapping current ICT use in quantitative and qualitative investigations of traditional and industrialised house-building projects. The third research question was addressed in inquiries and State-of-the-Art investigations concerning software and standardised information structures.Crucial focus areas for R&D to support the industrialisation of house-building were jointly identified by researchers and industry representatives, and a strategy in order to implement integrated and object based information management in the Swedish building sector was recommended.
keywords:ICT, strategies, integrated, industrialisation.
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citation:Ekholm A, Molnár M (2009). ICT development strategies for industrialisation of the building sector, ITcon Vol. 14, Special issue Next Generation Construction IT: Technology Foresight, Future Studies, Roadmapping, and Scenario Planning, pg. 429-444,