ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 244-245,

Editorial - Case studies of BIM in use

submitted:June 2008
published:June 2008
authors:Thomas Olofsson
Professor and head of Construction Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
LuleƄ University of Technology, LuleƄ, Sweden

Ghang Lee
Assistant Professor
Department of Architectural Engineering
Yonsei University Seoul 120-749, Korea

Charles Eastman
Professor in the Colleges of Architecture and Computing,
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, USA
summary:The use of information-rich parametric modeling 3D CAD models is increasing in the AEC industry. With this special issue we want to collect and share the benefits and challenges of using Building Information Modelling (BIM) for stakeholders in the building process, i.e. owners, architects, contractors, suppliers and others. Case studies of BIM applications are currently being presented in conferences and workshops worldwide. An example of such an initiative is the International Alliance of Interoperability initiated Building Smart forum for the industry and governments to identify, test, review, recommend and implement smart ways to deliver quality buildings and services to the facility owners using BIM technology. Another example is the annual award by the American Institute of Architects for projects that have used integrated and interoperable building information models.
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citation:Olofsson T, Lee G, Eastman C (2008). Editorial - Case studies of BIM in use, ITcon Vol. 13, Special issue Case studies of BIM use, pg. 244-245,