ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 323-335,

A survey of the use of IT ın buıldıng product ınformatıon acquısıtıon ın Turkey

submitted:November 2006
revised:April 2007
published:May 2007
editor(s):Björk B-C
authors:Elcin Tas, Assistant Professor,
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

F. Pinar Irlayici, MSc Research Student,
Istanbul Technical University, Turkey
summary:A survey about the current and planned use of information technology (IT) and its impact on the construction industry in Turkey has been conducted so as to help in the choice of acquiring building products. The survey was applied to two groups. The first group is the supply side (manufacturers) that produces or imports building products in Turkey, and the second group is the demand side (architects) that chooses building products. The characteristics and importance of these products when giving information and the criteria for choosing building products are evaluated. With the help of the survey, the methods and reasons for giving and receiving building product information in Turkey for both sides have been demonstrated. It was found that the current level of usage and the future expectations for building product information system have newly become widespread in Turkey. Although, as the designer of the project architects are very effective, they have to use different methods, and work hard to get the information. As information systems are not used effectively, it is difficult not only to reach the information, but also to reach it up-to-date, correctly and timely. As a result, the development of building product information systems, which collect all data in a single source, classify and transform it by recording and processing it, and then distributing it in detail and on time is said to be an important step to solve many problems in this field.
keywords:information technology, construction industry, building product, survey, Turkey.
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citation:Tas E and Irlayici F P (2007). A survey of the use of IT ın buıldıng product ınformatıon acquısıtıon ın Turkey, ITcon Vol. 12, pg. 323-335,