ITcon Vol. 11, pg. 697-710,

Planning digital home services through an analysis of customers’ acceptance

submitted:November 2005
revised:August 2006
published:September 2006
editor(s):B. Atkin and R. Leiringer
authors:Shin-Jo Eom
Lotte Engineering & Construction, 50-2 Jamwon, Seocho, Seoul, South Korea

Joon-Hong Paek
School of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
summary:Analysing customers’ likely acceptance of new technology before it is marketed is a common practice. Yet, in the case of digital home services, there is scant evidence of this being a routine practice. This paper reports on a study whose two-fold purpose is to analyse customers’ acceptance of digital home services and to establish the direction of services to meet the aims of construction companies’ strategic marketing planning. The research direction was based on the review of existing research materials and governmental policies on digital home services, and face-to-face interviews using a questionnaire to survey how people understand the concept of digital home services and the attraction of individual service packages. These materials and data were analysed to classify customers according to lifestyle and purchasing power. The results of the analysis were arranged in the form of a customer (or consumer) receptivity index and digital home business strategies. These results are expected to play an important part in planning digital home services and classifying service packages for the marketing of new housing.
keywords:smart home, digital home, home network, digital home services, consumer receptivity, business strategies.
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citation:Eom S-J and Paek J-H (2006). Planning digital home services through an analysis of customers’ acceptance, ITcon Vol. 11, Special issue IT in Facility Management, pg. 697-710,