ITcon Vol. 11, pg. 447-448,

Process modelling, process management and collaboration – editorial

published:July 2006
editor(s):Katranuschkov P
authors:Peter Katranuschkov, Senior Research Scientist, Dr.
Institute of Construction Informatics, TU Dresden, Germany
summary:This Special Issue of the ITcon journal includes nine papers related to the subject of process modelling, process management and collaborative work. The papers elaborate and substantially extend selected contributions from the CIB-W78 Conference on Construction IT held at Dresden in July 2005. The Editorial defines the targeted overall subject, outlines its major aspects and introduces the specific research topics addressed by the nine papers. It does also explain how the order of the papers has been chosen and why it is recommended as best reading sequence.
keywords:process modeling, process management, collaboration, special issue, CIB-W78.
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citation:Katranuschkov P (2006). Process modelling, process management and collaboration – editorial, ITcon Vol. 11, Special issue Process Modelling, Process Management and Collaboration, pg. 447-448,