ITcon Vol. 11, pg. 309-310,

Architectural informatics – editorial

published:May 2006
editor(s):Kamara J M
authors:John M. Kamara, Dr.
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
summary:Informatics research within built environment disciplines deals with those issues that are broadly related to the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to the creation and management of the built environment. Given the acknowledged potential of ICTs to bring about improvements in the construction process, many initiatives have been (and are being) undertaken to develop appropriate tools, technologies and processes to support various activities and professionals involved in the making of place. These include: the use of ICTs and their integration in the early stages of building design; evaluating the impacts of ICTs on the architectural design process, and on buildings; the application and development of improved processes and tools for architectural design (e.g. 3D real-time technologies, intelligent and interactive virtual environments); the role of ICTs in design creativity and representation (e.g. 2D/2D CAD, parametric design, visualisation); virtual collaborative working in the early phases of building design; and the role of ICTs in design and architectural practice management.
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citation:Kamara J M (2006). Architectural informatics – editorial, ITcon Vol. 11, Special issue Architectural informatics, pg. 309-310,