ITcon Vol. 11, pg. 175-176,

Decision support systems in infrastructure management - editorial

submitted:March 2006
published:May 2006
editor(s):Dana J. Vanier
authors:Dana J. Vanier, Senior Research Officer
National Research Council of Canada
summary:A decision support system (DSS) is defined as the combination of data, information, and computer- (and non-computer-) based tools and services working within a structured framework to improve the process and outcome of decision-making. In this special edition, researchers from around the world present their projects and findings related to the fundamentals, concepts and applications of DSS in infrastructure management. This special edition includes papers from a wide range of infrastructure disciplines; although the disciplines range from institutional buildings to urban planning, the common theme is how and when to optimize decision-making.
keywords:decision support systems, decision-making, infrastructure management
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citation:Vanier D J (2006). Decision support systems in infrastructure management - editorial, ITcon Vol. 11, Special issue Decision Support Systems for Infrastructure Management , pg. 175-176,