ITcon Vol. 9, pg. 345-353,

Voice and multimodal technology for the mobile worker

submitted:October 2003
revised:April 2004
published:August 2004
editor(s):Rebolj D. and Menzel K.
authors:Irina Kondratova, Group Leader, Human Web Group
National Research Council of Canada, Institute for Information Technology e-Business, Canada
summary:The availability of real time, complete information exchange with the project information repository is critical for decision-making in construction, as information frequently has to be transmitted to and received from the project repository right on site. Information and Communication Technology, specifically wireless communications through mobile device, is seen as a key enabler of leading edge, innovative and powerful field solutions. However, the widespread usage of mobile devices is limited by antiquated and cumbersome interfaces. Speech recognition, along with VoiceXML technology on handheld smart device, should play a major role in overcoming user interface limitations for mobile devices and improve their usability for industrial field applications. This paper discusses the advantages of using VoiceXML technology for voice-enabled, construction field applications. It presents a pilot application of voice technology for inventory management, and outlines the direction of future research in the area of voice and multimodal communications that enable information mobility in AEC industry.
keywords:mobile worker, multimodal interactions, speech recognition, VoiceXML, voice user interfaces
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citation:Kondratova I (2004). Voice and multimodal technology for the mobile worker, ITcon Vol. 9, Special issue Mobile Computing in Construction, pg. 345-353,