ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 167-180,

Application of IFC in design and production of precast concrete constructions

submitted:December 2002
revised:April 2003
published:July 2003
editor(s):Tarandi V
authors:Anders Rönneblad, Ph.D Candidate,
Structural Design Software in Europe AB, Sweden

Thomas Olofsson, Professor,
Dept. of Civil and Mining Engineering, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
summary:This paper describes one of the prototypes of the ITBoF project ”Implementations of Product Models based on IFC and BSAB” where a design software for the precast industry, IMPACT, has been used to demonstrate product model data exchange. The exchange is based on IFC version 2.0 and the Swedish construction industry classification system BSAB 96. The objective of the project was to explore information exchange between architects (and/or HVAC engineers) and precast concrete designers using existing versions of IFC in commercially available software. The IMPACT prototype imports the wall geometry from the architectural design with openings for windows, doors etc. The precast designer uses the geometry to create precast concrete elements that make-up the composed walls. The refined model, containing precast elements, can be exported according to the IFC standard where the BSAB classification codes is adapted on to the IfcWall object as an IfcClassificationList. The BSAB classification codes can then be used to exchange information with estimation and scheduling programs. The exchange scenario clearly demonstrates the use of information exchange in the design of precast concrete elements. Also information exchange based on IFC 2.0 can with relatively small efforts be introduced in commercially available design tools such as IMPACT. However, future development must also focus on automatic adjustment of the product model data to reduce the supplementary work needed in the precast design process, especially in the exchange between the architect and the precast designer.
keywords:IFC, BSAB, Precast concrete construction, Precast design.
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citation:Rönneblad A and Olofsson T (2003). Application of IFC in design and production of precast concrete constructions, ITcon Vol. 8, Special issue IFC - Product models for the AEC arena, pg. 167-180,