ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 135-137,

Editorial: IFC - product models for the AEC arena

published:July 2003 at
editor(s):Väino Tarandi
authors:Väino Tarandi, Dr., Senior Consultant, Technical coordinator IAI Nordic Chapter Eurostep, Stockholm, Sweden
summary:This special issue of Itcon is dedicated to the IFC initiative. The papers describe the current implementations, research and development issues and finally thoughts about the future directions of IFC-based interoperability. Important developments for the future are to some extent discussed in the papers.
keywords:IFC, product models, interoperability
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citation:Tarandi V (2003). Editorial: IFC - product models for the AEC arena, ITcon Vol. 8, Special issue IFC - Product models for the AEC arena, pg. 135-137,