ITcon Vol. 7, pg. 83-100,

A knowledge based system for linking information to support decision making in construction

submitted:December 2000
revised:June 2002
published:August 2002
editor(s):A. S. Kazi and M. Hannus
authors:Saad H. Al-Jibouri, Dr.,
Construction Process Management, University of Twente, The Netherlands

Michael J. Mawdesley, Dr.,
School of Civil Engineering, University of Nottingham, UK
summary:This work describes the development of a project model centred on the information and knowledge generated and used by managers. It describes a knowledge-based system designed for this purpose. A knowledge acquisition exercise was undertaken to determine the tasks of project managers and the information necessary for and used by these tasks. This information was organised into a knowledge base for use by an expert system. The form of the knowledge lent itself to organisation into a link network. The structure of the knowledge-based system, which was developed, is outlined and its use described. Conclusions are drawn as to the applicability of the model and the final system. The work undertaken shows that it is feasible to benefit from the field of artificial intelligence to develop a project manager assistant computer program that utilises the benefit of information and its links
keywords:Knowledge acquisition, Knowledge structuring, Information link, Project Control, Knowledge-Based System, Project Managers, Decision Support Systems
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citation:Al-Jibouri SH and Mawdesley MJ (2002). A knowledge based system for linking information to support decision making in construction, ITcon Vol. 7, Special issue ICT for Knowledge Management in Construction, pg. 83-100,