ITcon Vol. 6, pg. 175-197,

eConstruct: expectations, solutions and results

submitted:July 2001
revised:November 2001
published:December 2001
editor(s):Rezgui Y and Zarli A
authors:Frits Tolman, Professor
TU-Delft, The Netherlands

Michel Böhms, Dr.
TNO Building Construction Research, The Netherlands

Celson Lima, Dr.
CSTB, France

Reinout van Rees, Mr.
STABU, The Netherlands

Joost Fleuren, Mr.
TU-Delft, The Netherlands

Jeff Stephens, Mr.
Taylor Woodrow Construction, United Kingdom
summary:The IST 10303 \"eConstruct\" project (eCommerce/eBusiness in the Building and Construction industry: preparing for the new Internet) is now (November 2001) in its second and final year. The objective of eConstruct is to develop, evaluate and demonstrate how the next generation Internet can be used to improve meaningful communications in the European Building and Construction industry, supporting future eCommerce and eBusiness. The paper presents the goals of the project, discusses the chosen solution, evaluates the results obtained so far and recommends directions for further R&D. Though the paper globally presents the results of the project as a whole, typical eCommerce aspects will be dealt with in more detail (other papers describing other eConstruct results in detail have already been published, or will be published shortly). 
keywords:electronic communication, PDT, Next Generation Internet, XML, SOAP, eCommerce/eBusiness, Building and Construction
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citation:Tolman F, Böhms M, Lima C, van Rees R, Fleuren J and Stephens J (2001). eConstruct: expectations, solutions and results, ITcon Vol. 6, Special issue Information and Communication Technology Advances in the European Construction Industry, pg. 175-197,