ITcon Vol. 2, pg. 56-72,

Virtual Engineering Teams: Strategy and Implementation

submitted:November 1996
revised:August 1997
published:October 1997
authors:Lars Line, Assistant Professor
Agder College. Affiliated to Program on Applied Coordination Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim
email: ,
summary:A medium-sized and distributed (16 regional offices) Norwegian engineering company (ASPLAN-VIAK) has started a transformation to exploit the potential of digital information and communication technology for organising knowledge work in new modes. The effort does not only challenge technology, but also organisational systems and social constructs. The paper discusses a philosophical, technological and social context for a full-scale experiment, and also summarises some experiences. The study indicates that virtual teams are becoming an interesting and viable way of organising knowledge work. The author believes that virtual teams will be a common and natural organisational form for companies who wants to be part of the open information society.
keywords:Virtual Engineering Teams, Knowledge Work, Coordination
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citation:Line L (1997). Virtual Engineering Teams: Strategy and Implementation, ITcon Vol. 2, pg. 56-72,