ITcon papers tagged with: construction project

2012 Alaghbandrad A, Asnaashari E, Preece C
Problems and barriers of ICT utilization on Iranian construction sites: Case study on the successful use of ICT in remote construction sites
ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 93-102,
2012 Merschbrock C
Unorchestrated symphony: The case of inter – organizational collaboration in digital construction design
ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 333-350,
2008 Dehlin S, Olofsson T
An evaluation model for ICT investments in construction projects
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 343-361,
2006 Woksepp S and Olofsson T
Using virtual reality in a large-scale industry project
ITcon Vol. 11, pg. 627-640,
2003 Savioja L, Mantere M, Olli I, Äyräväinen S, Gröhn M, Iso-aho J
Utilizing virtual environments in construction projects
ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 85-99,
2003 Bäckblom M, Ruohtula A and Björk B
Use of document management systems - a case study of the Finnish construction industry
ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 367-380,