ITcon papers tagged with: communication

2017 Svalestuen F, Knotten V, Lædre O, Drevland F, Lohne J
Using building information model (BIM) devices to improve information flow and collaboration on construction sites
ITcon Vol. 22, pg. 204-219,
2016 Zeb J, Froese T
An ontology-supported infrastructure transaction management portal in infrastructure management
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 100-118,
2012 Mutis I, Issa R R A
Framework for semantic reconciliation of construction project information
ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 1-24,
2012 Yusuf Arayici, Charles Egbu, Paul Coates
Building information modelling (BIM) implementation and remote construction projects: Issues, Challenges and Critiques
ITcon Vol. 17, pg. 75-92,
2010 Ban H, Ahlqvist O
User evaluation of a software interface for geovisualization and communication of uncertain urban ontologies
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 122-131,
2009 Strachan R, Stephenson P
Futuristic construction communication infrastructures: secure and safe with no wires
ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 526-539,
2008 Samuelson O
The IT-barometer – a decade's development of IT use in the Swedish construction sector
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 1-19,
2008 Dawood N, Sikka S
Measuring the effectiveness of 4D planning as a valuable communication tool
ITcon Vol. 13, pg. 620-636,
2002 Samuelson O
IT-Barometer 2000 - The Use of IT in the Nordic Construction Industry
ITcon Vol. 7, pg. 1-26,