ITcon papers authored by: Ruikar

2021 Ruikar K, Kotecha K, Sandbhor S, Thomas A
SPECIAL ISSUE EDITORIAL: Next Generation ICTs - How distant is ubiquitous computing?
ITcon Vol. 26, pg. 639-642,
2019 Pala M, Edum-Fotwe F, Ruikar K, Doughty N, Peters C
Post-implementation analysis of a B2B e-marketplace
ITcon Vol. 24, pg. 129-153,
2017 Gigante-Barrera Á, Ruikar D, Crunden M, Ruikar K
LOD object content specification for manufacturers within the UK using the IDM standard
ITcon Vol. 22, pg. 80-103,
2013 Chen Y, Ruikar K D, Carrillo P M
Strategic e-business framework: a holistic approach for organisations in the construction industry
ITcon Vol. 18, pg. 306-320,
2013 Bird SN, Ruikar K, Bosher L, Bouchlaghem NM, Glockling J
Development of a Fixed Firefighting System Selection Tool for Improved Outcomes
ITcon Vol. 18, pg. 353-371,
2009 Ruikar K, Emmitt S
Editorial - Technology Strategies for Collaborative Working
ITcon Vol. 14, pg. 14-16,
2006 Ruikar K
ITcon Vol. 11, pg. 73-74,
2004 Aziz Z, Anumba C, Ruikar D, Carrillo P and Bouchlaghem D
Semantic web based services for intelligent mobile construction collaboration
ITcon Vol. 9, pg. 367-379,