ITcon papers authored by: Puttonen

2015 Tauriainen MK, Puttonen JA, Saari AJ
The assessment of constructability: BIM cases
ITcon Vol. 20, pg. 51-67,
2011 Fahim Al-Neshawy, Jukka Piironen, Susanna Peltola, Esko Sistonen, Jari Puttonen
Network system for assessing the moisture and thermal behaviour of repaired concrete building facades
ITcon Vol. 16, pg. 601-616,
2010 Al-Neshawy F, Piironen J, Peltola S, Erving A, Heiska N, Nuikka M, Puttonen J
Measuring the bowing of marble panels in building facades using terrestrial laser scanning technology
ITcon Vol. 15, pg. 64-74,