ITcon papers authored by: Froese

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An ontology-supported infrastructure transaction management portal in infrastructure management
ITcon Vol. 21, pg. 100-118,
2009 Froese T, Rankin J
Strategic roadmaps for construction innovation: assessing the state of research
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Case studies on the use of information technology in the Canadian Construction industry
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Implementation of a distributed, model-based integrated asset management system
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2003 Froese T
Future directions for IFC-based interoperability
ITcon Vol. 8, pg. 231-246,
2000 Kosovac B, Vanier DJ and Froese TM
Use of Keyphrase Extraction Software for Creation of an AEC/FM Thesaurus
ITcon Vol. 5, pg. 25-36,
1999 Thomas Froese Martin Fischer Francois Grobler John Ritzenthaler Kevin Yu Stuart Sutherland Sheryl Staub Burcu Akinci Ragip Akbas Bonsang Koo Alex Barron John Kunz
Industry Foundation Classes for Project Management - A Trial Implementation
ITcon Vol. 4, pg. 17-36,